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2018 Weekly Themes

Week 10- What Would You Do?

July 30- August 3
Will you complete the challenge? Dance like a penguin, balance ten items on your head, or swim across the pool of slime? or just take the pie to the face? It's all up to you as we play What Would You Do? 
Fieldtrips: Riverbanks Zoo and Movies 

Week 11- Think Fast 

August 6-10
Quick! Use the catapult to toss letters to your friend! Help them put together the mystery phrase, but be quick time is running out! Can you think fast and win the game? 
Fieldtrips: Ray's Splash Planet and Dairy Queen

Week 12- Albert Awards 

August 13-17
Show us your talents and be rewarded! Are you an athlete, an artist, a musician, a comic, or possess another talent? This week is all about celebrating being YOU!
Onsite Activity: End of Camp Celebration
Fieldtrips: Pasquale's Restaurant and

Charlotte Hornets Arena 

What makes us the best camp ever?
* Hours of Operation: 7:00 am - 6:45 pm

*At least two field trips each week

*Monday visits by                               
* Daily STEM Enrichment
* Computer Coding

*Daily Reading and Handwriting
* Certified teachers
* Special guest speakers
* Blooming Einsteins' own bounce house
* Arts, crafts, and sports activities
* Fun snacks that kids enjoy
* Air conditioned buses and vans

Week 3- Figure it Out ​​

June 11-15

On the board is a hidden silly phrase!"Eat Anchovy Ice Cream", "Saw Flying Elephant" or "Juggle Frozen Frozen Kiwis" Ask questions to help guess the right words, but be careful not to get slimed along the way! 

Fieldtrips: Big Air and The Incredibles 2 Movie 

Week 4-Einsteins Arcade

 June 18-22
Ever wished you lived in a video game? This week is your chance! Your favorite games will come alive and you will be the player!
Fieldtrips: Revolutions and Movies 

Week 5- Wild & Crazy Kids

 June 25-June 29
Get ready to enter the ultimate battle of the groups! You'll be lucky if you can complete the obstacle courses dry and slime free!
Fieldtrips: Urban Air & Movies 

Registration for Summer 2019
will launch on February 25th, 2019!

Payment Information

Summer Camp $165
Tuition for summer camp is $165/ week. This includes all activities, field trips, snacks and special events for the week.

A $35 deposit is required for each summer camp week. The deposit is applied towards the total rate of the week and is non-refundable. Cancellations will not be eligible for refunds.

A two-week notice of withdrawal in writing is required for all children. Failure to provide a withdrawal notice will result in your account being charged for the tuition of the registered week. ​

Sibling Discount 
We provide discounts for siblings each week in the amount of $10.00.

Week 1- Get the Picture

May 29- June 1
Power Surge! Oh, no! Our grid is split! Answer questions to reveal each piece of the hidden picture! Unscramble the image to reveal the winning prize! Let’s work as a team so we can Get the Picture!

Fieldtrips: Clay Escape and Sky High 

Week 2- Legends of the Hidden Temple

​June 4-8

Swim across the Forbidden Mote, climb steps of Knowledge, and make your way through the Hidden Temple to win pieces of the Ancient Albert Amulet! Use the pieces to unlock the Treasure Room!

Fieldtrips: Ray's Splash Planet and Dan Nicholas Park

Week 6- Albert Olympics 

July 2-6
We're all sports stars this week! Our star athletes will compete by shooting baskets,teeing off, scaling walls, and more to win medals in the Albert Olympics!
Fieldtrips: Bowl N' Bounce and Freedom Park

Week 7-Brain Surge 

July 9-13
Test your knowledge, and if you're correct you will get to guess your way across the light grid! Careful, though! One wrong step and you might get "zapped"!
Fieldtrips: Edventure Children's Museum and Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation Movie

Week 8- Double Dare

July 16-20

Slip and slide your way through the messy challenge that lay ahead! Help your friends complete the tasks at hand! Oh, and don't forget about slime!
Fieldtrips: Kannapolis Intimidators Baseball Game and Movies 

Week 9-You're On!

 July 23- 27
Can you convince your friends to complete the crazy challenges you have made? Complete the task before time runs out or there may be slime-sequences!
Fieldtrips: Mr. Putty's Fun Park and Movies