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Blooming Einsteins Preschool will be your child's favorite Early Learning Experience! ​Helping Young Minds BLOOM and Grow! 
The Blooming Einsteins Preschool Program is a unique, innovative experience that strives to balance education and recreation with our students so that they can excel and build their confidence as they approach elementary school.

Our curriculum topics include reading, writing, math, reasoning, science, engineering, foreign language, social studies, music, theater, movement, art, manipulatives, and educational technology.

More details about our curriculum are included in our Preschool Parent Handbook.
Reading & Writing

These activities we provide for your children allows us to enhance their reading and writing skills while having fun at the same time

Foreign Languages

We believe all children deserve to learn different cultures and languages. Our language learning  makes learning another language easy and fun.

Math & Science

Learning to love math and science is important for so many reasons as our world becomes more dependent on technology. We spark imagination, problem solving and logical thinking!

Art & Music

We love art and music because it's fun and provides children with some authentic self expression: the freedom of choice, thought and feeling.

Social Studies

These lessons contain current world events, book reviews, geography, maps, history, culture, presidents, archeology, sports and more.

Physical Education

Time in which kids have to complete physical activities — also exercises a child's self control and develops cooperative skills and consideration for others.

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